Nouveau Théâtre d’Angers-Centre dramatique national Pays de la Loire

Nouveau Théâtre d’Angers-Centre dramatique national Pays de la Loire

2012-13 Summaries

Paroles gelées (Frozen words)

after François Rabelais’s writings
directed by Jean Bellorini
Rabelais was a fierce opponent to dogmas, but also a humanist and a merry writer... Thirteen young actors, dancers and musicians, invite us to a delightful theatrical journey into Rabelais’ polyphonic stories ! This young theatre companyn is rising higher and higher in the French theatre firmament…

  • Monday 22nd October / T900

Tempête sous un crâne (Storm under a skull)

after Les Misérables by Victor Hugo
directed by Jean Bellorini
This saga play was written after Les Misérables. This three and a half hour play is altogether human and deep, wise and warm-hearted. Formerly sheltered by Ariane Mnouchkine and the Theatre du Soleil, this theatre company draws on the collaborative energies of a team of artists. Through this creative process, our patriarch Hugo finds a new lease of life.

  • Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 October / T900

La Mouette (The Seagull)

By Anton Tchekhov
Directed by Frédéric Bélier-Garcia
Production Nouveau Théâtre d’Angers - Centre Dramatique National des Pays de La Loire
Disillusioned characters are searching for themselves, longing for love, but passing it by without noticing, dreaming of success, of artistic genius... Halfway between a tragedy on the misfortune of living, and a bittersweet satire, The Seagull is an ode to the theatre, an ode to humanity. Frédéric Bélier-Garcia stages this great carousel of life, which signals actress Nicole Garcia’s return on stage, along with a fine cast of ten actors.

  • From Wednesday the 14th to Saturday the 24th of November / T 900
  • From Thursday the 14th to Sunday the 18th / Grand Théâtre

Hector ou comment faire un monstre (Hector or how to make a monster)

by Ronan Chéneau
directed by Babette Masson
Three different generations. Three hired killers. One is applying as a trainee, the other one just doing his job, fairplay, the third one just wants to die. Three solitudes, and in the background, all the fantasies of a classic « film noir ». With a blend of black comedy and animated shapes, this play guarantees a change of scenery and a smile.

  • Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 December / T 400

Le Tartuffe

by Molière
directed by Monique Hervouët
A family in a time of crisis ... Just like a guru, Tartuffe, is a fake religious hypocrite who rules the house of Orgon. In the 17th century, Molière was already pointing at hypocrisy and religious fanaticism, using the weapons of comedy. Monique Hervouët and her cast of local actors offer a contemporary staging of this timeless masterpiece.

  • Monday 10th to Friday 14th December / T 900

Nouvelle Comédie Fluviale (New fluvial comedy)

A Water fantasy by and with Ged Marlon
Two crackpots go boating. Let us all dive into this hilarious nonsensical play along with Davy, the man in a beaver hat, and Bull, under an Indian head-dress. This is an invitation to Ged Marlon’s crazy cruise. This offbeat stand-up comedian was once Farid Chopel’s co-pilot in the legendary Aviators show, the shaky bartender of the Palace TV series, and he was recently praised for his performance in the NTA’s play Yakich and Poupatchée.

  • From Thursday the 13th to Friday the 21st of December / Rehearsal stage

Un chapeau de paille d’Italie (The Italian straw hat)

by Eugène Labiche
directed by Gilles Bouillon
A horse eats a hat ... And the wedding-day of Fadinard turns into a zany and nightmarish chase. This "wild parade" looks like a forerunner of the theatre of the absurd. As for its previous production, Cyrano de Bergerac, the centre dramatique de Tours Theatre is celebrating, along with a cast of fifteen actors-singers, the delights of a theatre company.

  • Tuesday 8 to Saturday 12 January / T 900

Faire danser les alligators sur la flûte de Pan (Letting alligators dance to the sound of panpipes)

After the letters of Louis-Ferdinand Céline
Directed by Ivan Morane
Actor Denis Lavant, who is one of the guests of the Premiers Plans Film festival, plays Dr. Destouches aka the famous French writer Celine. With his twitches, looking like a bitter old crank, staggering unsteadily, he speaks with the powerful fleshy language, of this great unconventional writer. He is amazing.

  • Wednesday 23 to Friday 25 January / T400

Modèles (Models)

Collective writing by La part des anges
Directed by Pauline Bureau
These seven 30 years old artists, (musicians, playwrights and actresses), are inquiring into the values of being a woman today. Through a collage of texts, testimonies, interviews, songs and videos, Models is a show which oozes awesome energy. Thanks to its success, the play is being repeated this season at the Théâtre du Rond-Point in Paris.

  • Tuesday 29 to Thursday 31 January / T 900

Clôture de lʼamour (The end of love)

Text and direction Pascal Rambert
Beautifully written and orchestrated, these are two monologues about a man and a woman who are confronting one another. A masterful performance that filled the Avignon Festival 2011 with enthusiasm. A « falling-out symphony » beautifully performed by Stanislas Nordey and Audrey Bonnet.

  • mar 19, mer 20, jeu 21 et ven 22 février 2013 / T 900

Les Oiseaux (The Birds)

By Aristophane, adapted by Frédéric Vossier
Adapted and directed by Madeleine Louarn
With the Catalyse Workshop, a theatre company which brings together mentally handicapped adults, Madeleine Louarn has been staging intense, disturbing and memorable shows for 20 years. This time she ventures into a political farce originating in ancient Greece... which will be both highly hilarious and strangely poetic.

  • Tuesday 12 to Friday 15 March /T 900


by Georg Büchner
directed by François Parmentier
He might be a toy soldier or a guinea pig, Woyzeck is a toy, a toy that will kill. This dramatic poem written in 1837 shows, with its unwavering political power, how society will crush a fragile individual. Guided by a director from Nantes, seven actors among the most talented in the area are performing in this play which is coproduced by the NTA.

  • Tuesday 26 to Friday 29 March / T 900

Tout mon amour (All my love)

by Laurent Mauvignier
Collectif Les Possédés
Collective work directed by Rodolphe Dana
A man and a woman who lost a daughter in her youth are facing the possibility of her return. The team Les Possédés – remember they had delighted the audience with their production of Tankred Dorst‘s Merlin in 2010 – delves further into the exploration of family ties with the first play written by one of our leading French novelists. This play is co-produced by the NTA.

  • Monday to Saturday 13 April /T 400

Que la noce commence (Let the wedding-party begin)

After the film The silent wedding ! by Horatiu Malaele
conception and direction by Didier Bezace, adapted by Jean-Louis Benoit
After Stalin’s death, a mourning period is imposed on a Romanian village which has to display resourceful ingenuity to celebrate a wedding. This anti-totalitarian tale is adapted from a film in a blend of farcical and tragic moods. A shining example of civic theatre, brought by the seventeen earthy actors from the Aubervilliers CDN.

  • Tuesday 16 to Thursday 18 April / T 900

L’Ebloui (The dazzled one)

by Joël Jouanneau
directed by Aude Le Jeune
Collectif Citron
The initiation journey of a young monarch full of pride. This young theatre company from Angers has chosen a tale written by one of the best French writers for young people. Fantasy and psychological insight go hand in hand in this play intended for schoolchildren gathered for this 2013 « Printemps théâtral ».

  • Monday 13 to Friday 17 May/ rehearsal stage

Abd Al Malik

Meeting with Albert Camus
Abd Al Malik who has been awarded 4 very prized Victoires de la musique, pays tribute to Albert Camus whose hundredth anniversary will be commemorated in 2013. At the crossroad of rap, theatre and jazz, this slam poet with a warm tone highlights the modernity of this outstanding humanist writer.

  • Tuesday 7 May 2013 / T 900

La Maison d’os (The house of bones)

by Roland Dubillard
directed by Anne-Laure Liégeois
This house as large as a castle, is inhabited by an old master, surrounded by his eighty servants. To stage this play written by the author of the Diablogues, Anne-Laure Liégeois has chosen a well known French actor, Pierre Richard, lord of comedy, a unique entertainer on stage and on the screen, with his stargazing looks and clownish style.

  • Tuesday 21 to Thursday 23 May / T 900

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